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Marko Curuvija joins Metalurg!

 The topscorer of the Spanish ASOBAL league and Serbian national team player, Marko Curuvija (28) signed one-year deal with Metalurg, which will be led by Lino Cervar the upcoming season. This probably means that Dusan Milicevic will leave the club, as the club's left wing. The Belgrade'ian Curuvija, decided to leave the Spanish Teukra, and move from the Iberian peninsula to a place closer to his native country. Curuvija got his fame playing as super-talent for Crvena Zvezda, and then joined and played for Ademar Leon. After that he went to Lovcen Cetinja, before again returning to the 2nd strongest league in Europe. It is also speculated of the possible comeback of Aleksandar Stanojevic (25), the right back of Wetzlar, who spent 6 months already in Metalurg last season.

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