Round 3 - Toyota Handball Bundesliga: HSV won against RNL! -
Naslovna English Round 3 – Toyota Handball Bundesliga: HSV won against RNL!

Round 3 – Toyota Handball Bundesliga: HSV won against RNL!

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 VfL Gummersbach lost the first point in this season against TuS-N-Luebbecke. With a 32:32 the leader in Germany Gummersbach had a lucky point against up comming team from 2.divison TuS-N-Luebbecke. Luebbecke lead to the halftime with 18:14 and Gummersbach fighted back to 21:20. Luebbecke havent give up the leading in 57. min. result was 31:29 for Luebbecke but at the end two goals from Robert Gunnarsson bring the result from 32:32.

New leader is last year champion THW Kiel. Kiel won the game in Dormagen with 34:22. From the beginning Kiel was dominated, after 6 min. the result was 5:1 and half time was 16:10 for Kiel. In second half Kiel changed the formation and stoped with playing his very fast handball but there was no danger for the team from coach Alfred Gislasson by result from 25:15 was the first lead with 10 goals.

The top-game on 3. gameday was the match beetwen Rhein-Neckar Löwen and HSV Hamburg. Over 11.000 spectators saw a great match beetwen two favorits of the championship. The better start in the match had the Rhein-Neckar Loewen. They was leading from 2:0 to 5:2, after 15 min. Hamburg comes better into the game with 14:14 in 24. min result was tie but Lowen had a small lead with 16:15 for the half time. In second half it was a open game, but at the end Hamburg had the better nerves and lead with 31:27 4 minute before the end and could hold this distance, for the end result of 34:30. 

Also TBV Lemgo has a winning streak, they won there 3. game vs HSG Duesseldorf with 16:11. But Duesseldorf wasnt the easy oppenent which he looks on paper. Lemgo was leading in the first 20 min. but Duesseldorf was everytime fighting back with a sensational goalkeeper Matthias Puhle, that than the result was tie with 9:9 and 12:12 for halftime. In the second half it was the same game, both teams made a lot of mistakes and Puhle unnerved the attacks from Lemgo with his saves. Just in the last 5 min. Lemgo come to easy goals and was the victory with 26:21.

At the end of the schedule the SC Mageburg now get problems. Magdeburg also lost there vs. Frisch Auf Goeppingen. In this game the defense and the goalkeepers Enid Tahirovic for Göppingen and Gerrei Eijlers for Magdeburg where the strenghts. The first half was very open the leading was changed often for halftime it was 12:11 for Goeppingen. At the beginning of the second half Goeppingen comes better into the game and lead with 19:14. But after a 2 min. suspension for Mrvaljevic, Goeppingen coach Petkovic discus with the referes and also get a 2 min. suspension. In this time Magdeburg come back into the game and shortend the result to 21:19. But in the end Goeppingen had more opions on the bank to change and win by 29:26.

Results of 3. round: Rhein-Neckar Lowen – HSV Hamburg 30:34 SG Flensburg/Handewitt – Fuechse Berlin 27:24 TBV Lemgo – HSG Duesseldorf 26:21 VfL Gummersbach – TuS-N-Luebbecke 32:32 MT Melsungen – HBW Balingen-Weilstetten 28:25 TSV Hannover-Burgdorf – TV Grosswallstadt 26:28 Frisch Auf Goeppingen – SC Magdeburg 29:26 GWD Minden – HSG Wetzlar 22:24 TSV Dormagen – THW Kiel 22:34 


1. Hamburg 3 – 6
2. Lemgo 3 – 6
3. Flensburg 3 – 6
4. Gummersbach 3 – 5
5. Kiel 2 – 4
6. Grosswallstadt 3 – 4
7. TuS N-Lübbeek 3 – 3
8. Wetzlar 2 – 2
9. Göppingen 2 – 2
10. Berlin 3 – 2
11. Rhein-Neckar Löwen 3 – 2
12. Hannover 3 – 2
13. Melsungen 3 – 2
14. Minden 2 – 1
15. Düsseldorf 2 – 1
16. Magdeburg 2 – 0
17. Dormagen 2 – 0
18. Balingen 3 – 0


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