Champions League final: Viborg vs Gyor! -
Naslovna English Champions League final: Viborg vs Gyor!

Champions League final: Viborg vs Gyor!

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The finalists of this years Champions League final in women competition are known: Viborg will play against Gyor. Gyor finally went through the semifinals,and for the first time in history will play in the Champions League final! Gyor was convincing against Hypo in the return game with 29-21(14-9) and has reached the final deservedly. Since a long time Hypo wasn't as beaten as they were today in Gyor. Not many things went well in the team of Hypo, and the brightest star was the goalkeeper Englert.

 The game was marked with a lot of 2-minute penalties, and even a red card was given to Spiridon for the duel against Acimovic. After 15 minutes of play, the essential player of Gyor in the defence Tomoli got two 2-min penalties already, and the coach Konkoly couldn't use her anymore for the defence tasks. However, that was not a problem, since Rotis got her role and played it magnificently. However, the key player of this game, was Anita Gorbicz, with 13 goals, in her style. We saw her sheer quality in this game, to which many bow down.

Palinger again proved why she is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, especially in the first half (11 saves-55%), and in the last two minutes of the first half saved two penalties, denied equaling the score, and helped her team get from 10-9 to 12-9 at the halftime.

The start of the second half, brought Gyor an advantage of 5 goals (14-9), and the beginning of the end for the Vienna team was evident. The Hungarians got their highest advantage of +9 two minutes before the end (28-19). Hypo managed to get it down to -8, but this can't erase the shame for the Austrian team, and another wasted CL finals dream, but this game opened the door for Gyor's dream of their first European title…

Gyor – Hypo 29-21 (12-9)

Gyor: Gorbycz 13/5, Herr A. 5/2, Mravikova 3, Kovacsic 3, Vérten 2, Hornyak 2, Spiridon 1.

Hypo: Tóth 5/1, Kim 3, Do Nascimento 3, Aćimović 3/2, Mjung 3/2, Piedade 2, Mosquita 1, Kirsner 1.

As a reminder, in the other semifinal, Viborg played 21-21 at home against Oltchim, which was enough for them to place themself to the CL Final, because they managed to win the first game which was played in Romania, on Oltchim's court.

The first game of this year's 'a bit unexpected' CL final, will be played on Viborg's court (9/10 may), while the second game will be played in Hungary (16/17 may).

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