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Naslovna English Olafur Stefansson for Balkan-Handball.com: "I wanna take part in crazy project"!

Olafur Stefansson for Balkan-Handball.com: "I wanna take part in crazy project"!

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Balkan-Handball.com talked with one of the best handballers of the World, Icelandic legend, right back of Ciudad Real, Olaffur Stefansson (35). You are just going to the  "Mirza Delibasic" sport hall, where you will play in front of 3-4000 very warm spectators? Probably, Ciudad Real just  thinking about how to win two points?

– We have to win. We cannot count on GOG. GOG will have problem here and probably will lose,so this match is very important for us. It will be difficult, it is always when you playing as a visitor.  I still remember that Bosna was very strong in first 15, 20 minutes of our first match.

Now, we know that this will be a last season for you in Ciudad Real, the European champion. At the end of this successful story,  probably you want to win everything again? Do you think that you are ready to repeat last season?

– We wil try to do that. It is doesn't matter if it's last or not, we have to win everything, every time. We are in good position.

Title was "Strange guy – Olaffur Stefanson", when we heard that you will left Spain and the best club in the world for playing in third division club in Denmark? Definitely, that is unusual and untypical for sportsman who can play at TOP level for some years more?

– Second division. They are in third now, but hopefully, they will be in a second, when I come. If you want some reason, I mean,Copenhagen is for me, for example, as for Petar (Metlicic) Slovenia. Very cloes to home. After Olympic Games and many good years here, I am pretty open for a new things and I started to think about them. My mind is open and pick with other things. Copenhagen is great place to be there. Than come this crazy project, suddenly. They wanna win Danish league in two years and CL in three years, and they want to add some new big names in the squad.

Do you know some names?

– I cant tell you, because  I don't know, but they promise me that will come some good players. They paying very good salaries. It was for me, because I wanted to change, go home or finish.

With Iceland national team you won silver medail at OG in Beijing? Did you finish a book "National team"?

– Yeah, dreams come true in Beijing.  I don't know what will happened.If I fell good, maybe I wll come back and play again.

What is mistery of Iceland handball? Such a small country, but such a good results?

– Many small key factors and also many lucky factors before tournament decided. We had problem with injuries, some new player getting in and they fit our puzzle. It was surprise, but also was very good. I can talk about that next two hours.

Two months before OG, you lost against Macedonia in WC qualification round? Up and down…

– A litlle bit, a few things happened in  same time and we collapsed. Just a week before Macedonia, we secure place at the Olympics on very strong tournament, so maybe, we came too relaxed on that first match.  Second reason is very strong Macedonia, who is much stronger then before. They were focused on match, with very good crowd support. We lost and then we couldn't achieve that at home.  But, I don't wanna take anything from Macedonia, cause they have really good team and they are better and better, year by year.

You played against one of the biggest rival in "lefthanded world", Kiro Lazarov. What is your opinion, who are the best players on your position at the world?

– Firstly Petar (Metlicic), my collegue from the team. Also, Kim Anderson, who is playing very well. Then, Polish brother (Lijewski).  You can add two-three players more…

Translator: S.O.S

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