Luminita Dinu is ending her career!

 It was known that the career of the legendary goalkeeper Luminita Dinu(37) is about to end, because he wants to dedicate herself to the family, and this season is definately her last one. The best goalkeeper Romania has ever had, played her last game against Viborg in the Champions League and with great saves said goodbye to the most elite competition, which she won for three times.

For the romanian media she said: "I wanted to end my career with positive energy and I had that like some sort of a duty for me. I'm still remembering our bad display in the first game, but that's still normal, as you can't play on a high level in every single match. I'm sorry I didn't repeat the shiny displays in the Champions League I had with Krim. Thanks to the supporters, I will surely miss them".

So ended her dream to win the Champions League with a Romanian team, a trophy she won three times, two with Krim Merkator and once with the Macedonian team Kometal GP. However, if something is missing in her career, that's definately not trophies, as we can't number the amount of titles, cups, medals and awards for best goalkeeper are there in her collection. Just to mention the most important: Champions League(x3), European Super Cup(x3), Cup Winners Cup(x1), League and Romanian cups(x10), League and Slovenian cup(x10)…

The European championship in Macedonia were her last games for the team of Romania, for which she played 180 games, and scored, 8 goals. She took part two times in the Olympics(Sydney & Beijing). The Silver Medal she won at the World Championship in Russia in 2005 is the only medal she was with the Romanian national team, although the potential was much bigger. If its any consolation, she was the best goalkeeper on the European championship nine years ago, and also two times best goalkeeper at World championship(1999 and 2005).

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